In one way or another, we have all felt the impact of COVID-19 on our community.  For many of us, it means working from home with young children or being out of our office for a period.  We strive to be available to support you and your family every day.  Please see the list of resources we have gathered.  As we obtain more documents and links to support at-home learning opportunities, we look forward to sharing them with you.

Finally, please make sure to take care of yourselves. Keeping daily routines, connecting with others (even from afar), and caring for ourselves will help offer a sense of security and ultimately help children feel safe and secure.  "The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I'm in, I'm still whole." 

Child Friendly Explanation of the Corona Virus.  

Child Friendly Explanation of COVID-19
Child Friendly Explanation of Coronaviru[...]
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Guidance for Families of Young Children
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Helping With Change of Routines

During this challenging time, your child may have some challenging behaviors because of the changes in routines or because they are feeling the adults’ anxieties. There are many strategies for supporting students through challenging behaviors, including:

  • Create a routine and a visual schedule to make your child’s day more predictable
  • Use timers to help your child understand the routine
  • Use a 5-point scale to help your child explain his/her emotions
  • Have a quiet space in your house for your child to de-escalate
  • Make time throughout the day for movement
  • Prepare your child for changes in routine ahead of time so s/he isn’t surprised

You can create a Calm Down Checklist, Voice Scale Chart, and Breathing Exercise.

Recommended Home Schedule by Age Group

Infant / Toddler Home Schedule
Infant : Toddler Home Schedule Website.p[...]
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Older Toddlers Home Schedule
Toddlers Home Schedule Website.pdf
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Two's & Three's Home Schedule
Two's Three's Home Schedule Website.pdf
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Pre-K Home Schedule
4-5 yrs old Home Schedule Website.pdf
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Early Childhood: Learn at Home

Children love to play—anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. As they play, they’re learning about the world around them and practicing important skills. The document below includes many fun and engaging activities you can do with your children at home. This includes activities for infants, toddlers, and children who are 3 and 4 years old.

Early Childhood Family Activities
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Grab and Go Meals 


All families can visit their nearest DOE school to pick up grab-and-go breakfast starting at 7:30 AM and lunch starting at 11:30AM. Families can find their nearest school by visiting or calling 311. Meals are available to all children under 18. Please share this information with your families.


Remote Learning Device Request

To help students stay connected during emergencies, the DOE is lending internet-enabled iPads to support remote learning for students. If you would like to request a device for a NYC student in your family, please fill out the form (link listed below). The DOE will use the contact information you provide to get in touch with you to discuss when and where you can pick up a device. Priority will be given to students most in need, and all devices are granted on a temporary basis and will later need to be returned. There is a limit of one device per student.


Kindergarten: Learn at Home

How to Use These Guides

For each subject below you will find links to worksheets with activities to do at home. For each activity, you will find:

  • A description and/or instructions for the activity
  • Information about both content and practice that the activity supports
  • One or more focus or discussion questions that will help deepen the learning of the activity
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English Language Arts
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Social Studies
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Connections: Infant & Toddler Curriculum for Responsive Care

Free or Discounted Books


Ranger Rick magazine for children from ages 7 through 12, Ranger Rick Jr. for children from ages 4 through 7, and Ranger Rick Cub for children 0-4. The National Wildlife Foundation publishes these kid friendly magazines, as well as a website that offers games, videos, recipes, and activities for the whole family.


Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine is for children ages 2-6. It promotes the healthy physical, educational, and creative growth of young children through interactive activities and stories.


National Geographic Little Kids (age 3-6) and National Geographic Kids (age 6 and up) magazine provides articles about science, geography, history, and world culture specific to interests of children. The magazines are noted for their engaging reporting and stunning photography


Highlights magazine. The one we all remember from our own childhood is still around! Offerings include Hello magazine for children from 0 to 2 years of age, Hi Five, for children ages 2 to 6, and Highlights for children ages 6 through 12. Highlights also offers Hi Five Bilingual, in Spanish and English.


Boy’s Life for boys of any age.


Girl’s World is a celebrity and lifestyle print magazine for girls ages 7 through 11

Here are some links that may assist you during this difficult time.  Please preview them to determine whether they are appropriate for your children.

Additional Ideas:

Fifth Grade Have your student read the USA Today article Coronavirus is scary, but the flu is deadlier, more widespread(Open external link)and make notes on what they read, and write down what connections to questions or ideas they already had, new ideas, or new questions.

Here are some great apps and websites that parents and students might find useful & fun: 

Headspace (Mindfulness)

Calm App (Mindfulness)

Stop, Breathe Think App (Mindfulness)

Smiling Mind (Mindfulness)

Down Dog  (Yoga app)

YouTube Cosmic Kids Yoga (Yoga app)

Go Noodle (Movement for younger students)

Aura (Mental Health app)

What’s Up Mental Health App (IOS) (Self management app for older students)

What’s Up Mental Health App (Android) (Self management app for older students)

Mindshift App (Anxiety management app for older students)

CDC / Health Department Resources

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