At BedRock Preschool, we recognize that the children’s developmental needs should be the foundation for every choice we make in planning our curriculum.  By understanding the developmental continuum between ages infant through six, teachers create age appropriate opportunities to promote positive experiences for all children to learn at their own pace while aligning to New York State Standards.  Lesson plans follow standards for learning in areas including social/emotional, physical, creative expression/aesthetic, language/literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, critical thinking, and social studies. 

Each classroom is physically safe, socially enhancing, emotionally nurturing, and intellectually stimulating.  Our teachers recognize that children learn best when they experience the world firsthand utilizing all of their senses to participate in learning.   Various classroom strategies help promote independent decision-making and self-selection while maintaining good classroom management.  During learning center time, teachers encourage self-exploration by asking students various questions that focus on who, what, when, where, why and how.  Centers include math, science, reading and writing, library, sand and water table, block building, dramatic play, and art area. 

The nurturing, progressive educational environment where children can play and grow builds a strong sense of community.  Our teachers reinforce the fundamentals such as respect, courtesy, and good manners is part of each school day. We encourage an attitude of mutual respect and acceptance of diversity.  

Our Programs

Infant & Toddler (3 - 24 months old)


From three to twenty-four months, infants and toddlers begin to display a spurt in growth and curiosity.  The class is uniquely designed to promote this spirit of inquiry.   Mobile toddlers are shifting from feeling secure to exploring their environment and eventually to developing an identity.  We understand the natural developmental of children and develop our curriculum according to their needs...  Read More

Intermediate Preschool (2 - 3 years old)


Two-year-olds are at an “in-between” age in early childhood education.  This is an exciting developmental stage where a child is trying out new ideas, exploring his or her surroundings, and finding possible solutions to problems, but all awhile staying close to a parent or teacher as the child needs base of support and trust.  Our two year program provides many opportunities that teaches a child on how to manage conflicting feelings of separation—the “push-pull” between the pleasures of oneness with the parent along with the exhilaration of growing independent...  Read More

Preschool (3 - 4 years old)


Three year olds are full of wonder and spend a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating.  Their imagination is working at all times.  They are particularly interested in perfecting their fine motor skills that they once found it challenging when they were two years old.  A three-year-old loves to pour, mix, mash and squeeze.  At this age, a child will learn to hold his or her crayon better; thus our classrooms are equipped with fat pencils and crayons to help with pretend writing and drawing.  The gross motor skill development of this age group will learn to throw and catch a large ball... Read More

Pre-Kindergarten (4 - 6 years old)


BedRock Preschool is committed to providing an excellent education that meets each student’s interests, abilities, and needs and promotes an appreciation for diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. BedRock challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity and a sense of responsibility toward others both within the school and in the community at large.

Story time is particularly important for this age group.  The child’s imagination and the increased ability to remember the past make the child an interesting storyteller.  Teachers give students opportunities to recite familiar stories that they have read.  Children learn that reading is about playing with words and sounds through rhymes, songs and stories... Read More

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School Curriculum

BedRock Preschool’s curriculum follows established educational principles. Activities are divided into different groups to ensure that each child's needs are met in full.