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We strive to hire only the best!  A diverse staff ensures a wide range of interests and talents that can be shared with the children.  Our school is blessed with a vital, colorful, and superbly talented faculty that is committed to nourishing each child’s passion for learning.  Our teachers have the energy, intellect, and charisma that take children on a magical and challenging voyage of discovery.  It is the role of the classroom teacher to plan experiences for optimal cognitive development, to organize an environment rich in material resources and most importantly to help each child develop a positive self-image.  Our teachers are well-educated and nurturing people who respect the children’s need for security while encouraging autonomy. 

All of our head teachers have college degrees and some have or are working towards an advanced degree in early childhood education.  Throughout the year faculty members work with curriculum specialists to further develop their professional skills.  BedRock Preschool also provides continuing in-service training and enables teams of teachers to attend conferences and workshops to bring back the latest in concepts, methods, and materials.  Our bi-weekly staff meetings with the educational director serve as one of the most important training and resource gathering periods for our teachers.   

Staffing ratios are in accordance with the standards for childcare licensing and regulation of the New York City Department of Health and Bureau of Day Care.  All faculty, staff, and administrators also undergo a background check. 

Some examples of the workshops and certifications that our teachers will be trained in are, but not limited to, are: CPR/First Aid, Child Abuse Prevention/Mandated Reporter, Fitness S95/Fireguard, S.I.D.S/Shaken Baby Syndrome, Nutrition for Young Children, Setting Up Health System, Preventing Infectious Disease, and MAT (Medication Administration Training), NAEYC accreditation, and SPARKS. 

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School Curriculum

BedRock Preschool’s curriculum follows established educational principles. Activities are divided into different groups to ensure that each child's needs are met in full.